Industrial Vacuum

An industrial vacuum can remove a number of things that a traditional home vacuum cannot pick up. For instance, industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to lift nails, wood chippings and other debris that smaller home vacuums cannot handle. Some are specially designed to remove lead, mold spores, soot and toner from floors and other surfaces as well without spreading these potentially deadly particles through the air. There are a variety of industrial vacuum cleaners on the market today in various different types to support a number of industrial and home needs.

Canister Vacuums

A canister industrial vacuum will have a triple filtration system. This allows it to remove nearly 100 percent of any particle on surfaces. They are designed to pick up fine particles and liquids and can be used on carpeted floors as well as various hard floor surfaces. They are also designed to be very durable and stable so that they will not tip over when in use.

HEPA filters

HEPA filtered industrial vacuums can be purchased in both a dry or wet model and many come equipped to handle both types of cleaning. They can clean very small particles as well as larger debris and the filter can easily be replaced so that the vacuum cleaner will always handle the maximum volume available. HEPA industrial vacuums are available in 22.7 liter, 56.8 liter and 208.2 liter sizes which make them an excellent choice for a variety of businesses and industries. They are typically equipped with stainless steel, poly or painted steel tanks for collecting debris.


Venturi industrial cleaners use compressed air for power and have no moving parts. This gives them the added advantage of being able to handle much more heavy jobs without worries of breaking or damage to the vacuum. They are capable of picking up both wet and dry debris and can also include a HEPA filter for those needing to pick up finer materials such as dust. There is no electricity required to operate a Venturi industrial vacuum which is one of its most beneficial features.

Industrial Vacuum Cost

The cost of an industrial vacuum is of course going to be much higher than a traditional home mode. You can expect to spend anywhere from C$300 to well over C$3,000 depending on the specific model that you purchase. Homeowners may not find this to be the most cost effective approach to cleaning. However, certain industries need these more powerful vacuums in order to handle a variety of cleaning jobs. While homeowners do not normally need the extra power that an industrial vacuum provides, if you can afford one then owning one can be very helpful in many situations. If you are planning home renovations for instance, this more powerful vacuum will easily pick up wood chips, sawdust and even nails that may fall onto the floor and other surfaces. Industrial vacuums tend to last a bit longer than traditional home vacuums as well which gives them an added advantage for many homeowners.

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