Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Canada

You will find many choices regarding industrial vacuum cleaners Canada. The thing to keep in mind when choosing the right one for your needs is what specifically you need. There are many systems that can be completely catered to meet all of your needs. Work sites require a certain level of cleaning in order to be safe and industrial vacuum systems provide this high level of cleaning. Before you select a specific manufacturer or a specific model, be certain that you make a list of your specifications. Know beforehand the types of materials that you will need to clean and the total area of your workspace. This ensures that you get the exact industrial vacuum system that will meet all of your needs.

Things to Consider when Selecting an Industrial Vacuum

You will first need to determine how much power your vacuum will need. While industrial vacuum cleaners are much more powerful than home models, they have varying powers. Depending on the types of materials that you need to pick up as well as the overall size of your work area, you may need a system with more or less power than the average industrial vacuum. Keep in mind the general suction power that the vacuum will need to have. Basically, the longer the hose that you need and the heavier the materials that you pick up, the more suction the vacuum will need to have. You should also determine what drum or storage size your industrial vacuum cleaners Canada should have. This again depends on the specific materials that you will be picking up and the size of the work area to be cleaned. If you are choosing a portable system then choose a size that can easily be handled by workers. If you need a central system then select a size that will easily handle all of your debris for the day. Portable industrial vacuums still have massive power but they simply do not handle enough for larger areas. They are more designed for smaller jobs.


What you are planning to pick up is a major determining factor in which industrial vacuum cleaners Canada are best for your needs. If you are going to be cleaning up very fine particles then you will need something that will not release these particles into the air. If you have liquids in your work area that may be spilled then a wet dry model will be a better choice. Carefully consider the type and the weight of the materials that you will be vacuuming. There are also models that are resistant to explosion which is an excellent idea for flammable liquids or materials that may catch fire easily.

Filtration Systems

You should also select the filtration system that you will need. If you are unsure of this then you can find representatives from many manufacturers that will help you to determine which filtration system is best for your industry. Many industrial vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters which again, allow them to trap particles without releasing them into the air. Industrial filtration systems are made to filter out very small particles.

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