Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Industrial vacuum equipment is available today in a wide range of types, brand names and sizes. There are literally products in this category to fit any specific need whether for home or industrial use. Offices, factories, warehouses and other businesses typically use industrial vacuum cleaners because they are more durable and provide more power than a traditional home vacuum cleaner. They are specifically designed to handle tougher jobs and to last longer than models purchased for home use.


Industrial vacuum equipment is designed to provide a much more efficient approach to cleaning. They can handle larger volumes of debris before needing emptied which makes them the perfect choice for cleaning up around certain areas such as construction sites and warehouses. They can trap and contain various particles and chemicals as well and keep these particles from begin released into the air. Their motors are much larger than a traditional home vacuum which gives them much more power and allows their users to effectively clean larger areas much faster. Since their storage capacity is greater, they allow for longer cleaning times between emptying and many models come with attachment hoses that connect directly to the cleaning nozzle. Other attachments are also available for most types that allow for cleaning tight areas and various different surface types.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase industrial vacuum equipment at any manufacturer or retailer that sells this type of equipment. You can find many specialist companies that deal with industrial vacuums and other industrial cleaning equipment or simply go online and look for the product that you need. There are several online retailers that provide these products, many at much lower prices than local stores. When you purchase be sure that you check to see what additional products are offered that may go along with your industrial vacuum equipment. For instance, if you are purchasing a vacuum with a HEPA filter then you may need to know where to purchase additional filters. The best choice is a retailer that sells the vacuum system as well as the additional attachments and other products that will go with that system.

Cost for Industrial Vacuum Equipment

The cost is going to vary depending on where you purchase and the specific model, type and size of industrial vacuum equipment that you buy. If you are concerned about the cost then you can browse several online retailers and get an idea of the average cost of these products. Expect to pay between a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more, again depending on the specifics of the product that you need. One reason that they are a bit higher than traditional vacuum cleaners is their durability. Industrial vacuums are designed to outlast your regular vacuum which in turn makes them a bit more cost effective in the long run. The specific size that you purchase has a direct bearing on the cost. If you want just a small vacuum system for your home or a small business area then you should be able to pick one up for just a few hundred dollars.

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