Industrial Vacuum Filters

Industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to be much more durable than household vacuums. In addition, because of their larger motors and more storage capacity they can handle much larger areas and different types of debris and spills than household models. When choosing a vacuum cleaning system for your business you will need to consider the various types of industrial vacuum filters. Choosing the best filter type will ensure that you have the cleaning capacity that you need for your industrial operation.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the number one choice of most business owners for industrial vacuum filters. This is likely because they allow you to remove a number of particles including dust, shattered glass and very small powder particles without releasing these things back into the air. When working in an industrial setting, particularly around potentially hazardous chemicals and other materials ensuring that a complete cleanup is done is very important. HEPA filters allow you to completely clean up various materials and even particles that are unseen by the human eye and ensure that your workers or others in your business do not breathe in these hazardous materials.

Industrial Vacuuming

Filters play a very important part in choosing your industrial vacuum cleaning system. When selecting your system be sure that you pay attention to the specific industrial vacuum filters that are used with that system. If you are looking for a system that uses HEPA filters then you should be certain to ask specifically for this type of system. Overall, industrial vacuum systems will allow you to pick up and remove various materials that you could not remove with a standard vacuum cleaner. Industrial strength vacuums provide up to twenty times more power than a standard household vacuum cleaner. This means that the filters will also be more powerful. HEPA filters are designed by many vacuum manufacturers to provide a much cleaner approach to industrial vacuuming. Choosing a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter may help you to keep your work areas safer for workers.

Cost of Industrial Vacuum Filters

The cost of your industrial vacuum filters is going to depend on the specific model of vacuum that you purchase. Filters alone are not terribly expensive, depending on the size of your industrial vacuum. Be certain that you ask about the cost of replacement filters as well as the timeframe for expected replacement needs. This will give you a good overview of the expense of your vacuum system before you purchase. Again, it is very important that you consider the type of industrial vacuum filters that you are planning to use before you purchase a system to ensure that you get the industrial vacuum that you need for your specific business. Once you know the type of system that you will use you can begin looking online for replacement filters or for the vacuum system itself. This gives you a chance to compare prices and potentially get the entire system for a much lower cost than you may have imagined.

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