Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps have been used for a variety of purposes for many decades. Vacuum pumps themselves have been used in some form or fashion since the end of the 17th century. Basically, vacuum pumps are available in three distinct types. These are positive displacement, entrapment and momentum transfer. Each type allows the pump to operate in a different way and they are specifically designed to meet varying goals. Overall, vacuum pumps are designed to create a suction that displaces molecules from an enclosed space.

Uses for Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Again, industrial vacuum pumps are designed for a number of uses and the best one for your specific needs will depend on just what your needs are. The pumps work together with other devices in order to form a vacuum system that is used in a variety of industrial areas. In the aviation industry for instance, vacuum pumps are used to provide a backup safety operation in the event that computers or the overall electrical system should fail. In the foodservice industry they are used to effectively remove all air from food when it is packaged in order to preserve food and make it last longer. Many industrial machines are also powered by various vacuum pumps or receive some sort of assistance from the pumps for operations. They have been used to provide power and aid in many other uses for hundreds of years.


There are many different manufacturers and retailers of industrial vacuum pumps and again, finding the brand and model that is best for your needs depends on precisely what you need. There are different levels of vacuum pressure used for a variety of different tasks. They can be used to hold objects onto a specific surface, force various materials into machinery or molds, move larger, bulkier materials through pipes in industrial and medical industries, dry materials. Remove air from packaging and remove unwanted gases from various products and materials. Choosing the right industrial pump may also depend on where you are located. There are a variety of manufacturers around the world that offer these pumps, although it may often be best to choose a more local establishment for help when you have repair or maintenance issues. The internet is an excellent avenue to pursue a search of various industrial vacuum pumps. You can return thousands of websites of online retailers and manufacturers that offer a variety of sizes, functionalities and models for industrial use. Simply take the time to look over a few sites and choose the pump that best suits your specific needs.


The cost of industrial vacuum pumps is also going to vary depending on the manufacturer and the size or need of the device. You may find several models that are available for several hundred dollars or those that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Taking the time to ensure that you get exactly what you need is important, particularly when it comes to purchase a pump that costs several thousand dollars.

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