Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial vacuum systems are used in many warehouses and other commercial operations as well as some homes around the world. These systems provide much more power than traditional vacuum cleaners. For those who have heavier jobs to clean, industrial vacuums are a virtual must. They are designed to provide much more cleaning power and are built to be more durable and last longer than regular home vacuum systems. They offer a higher level of suction that can easily pick up heavier debris such as nails and other items and will lasts much longer than a smaller cleaner.

Industrial Carpet Cleaners

Industrial vacuum systems typically come in either wet or dry models. There are also those that can handle both jobs equally. Those looking for industrial carpet cleaners can find them at a variety of rental or retail establishments. They provide a deeper and much more thorough cleaning than regular carpet cleaners. Most industrial vacuum systems have various attachments that will allow you to clean a number of different surfaces. Attachments also allow you to reach higher areas and ensure that you clean all corners and other crevices completely. Many models offer shampoo attachments that allow you to thoroughly clean carpets and since they have longer cords, larger rooms and areas can be cleaned easily. You can spot treat certain stains or clean the entire area, making industrial cleaning systems the number one choice for most businesses and offices.

Uses for Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuum systems provide the ideal solution for cleaning problems in factories, warehouses and many other commercial and industrial settings. They can easily pick up larger debris and they naturally hold much more than smaller vacuums so they have to be emptied less frequently. Many cleaning companies use these industrial sized machines to provide deep cleaning services for customers. Since they have the capability of collection much larger volumes of dirt and debris they are the perfect choice for larger areas. In addition, many newer models have air filters that will completely trap dirt, dust and other allergens. This keeps them out of the air and provides a much cleaner workplace or home.


Of course, these industrial vacuum systems are going to be a bit higher than your traditional vacuum but many feel that the added expense is well worth the cost due to the higher level of cleaning that can be obtained when using an industrial vacuum. Those who may suffer from various allergies, asthma or other respiratory related illness will find them very beneficial. For those in the commercial cleaning business or simply anyone who wants to experience a greater cleaning ability, industrial vacuum systems are the best choice. They offer more durability and will outlast virtually every traditional home vacuum on the market today. Cost will of course depend on the specific brand and model that you purchase as well as the retailer that you purchase from. There are various offline retailers as well as many online sites where you can buy industrial sized vacuums today.

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