Portable Industrial Vacuum

A portable industrial vacuum gives you the power that you need from an industrial cleaner while offering more ease of use. They are typically designed to be much smaller than traditional industrial vacuums and still have a fairly decent degree of durability. Portable industrial vacuums combine a compact product with powerful performance as well as good resistance to wear and tear and filtration systems that can handle even the smallest particles. They are typically available in gas, diesel and electric power options and most provide fast and easy cleaning with little to no sound.

Uses for Portable Vacuums

Many portable industrial vacuum cleaners provide enough power to easily clean up around virtually any construction site or other industrial area. Some are powerful enough to remove wood chips, sand, rock and gravel, glass and various other debris problems. They are much lighter in weight than standard vacuums so you can literally take them wherever you need to go for cleanup. Some provide enough suction power to remove fairly large rocks at distances of 100 feet or more. They are designed with a variety of uses in mind from warehouse and factory use to construction site and even home use in some cases.

Cost of Portable Vacuums

Of course, a portable industrial vacuum is going to cost a bit more than a traditional home vacuum. Even in light of the smaller and more compact size, they are typically more than double the price of some vacuums that are designed for home use. Many homeowners still purchase a portable industrial vacuum for a variety of uses, particularly those who may be doing home improvements or many who have garages and workshops on their properties. Expect to spend anywhere from around $200CAD to more than $1,000CAD or more depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the vacuum that you purchase. You can use the internet to get more information on the average cost of these vacuums as well as to compare prices from different manufacturers and retailers.


Again there are many different manufacturers that offer portable industrial vacuum cleaners. You may find several in your local area or many retailers in your area that sell these products. Alternatively, you can go online and get more information about the various models that are currently on the market and an overview of each manufacturer. If you do not need to purchase a portable industrial vacuum but prefer to rent one instead, you should also be able to find information about the average cost for rental in your area and where you can rent these products. If you do not have a local retailer or rental facility then you can find companies online that will sell and rent these products and then ship them to you. Take your time when choosing between various manufacturers and learn which companies are most trusted in the industry and which ones provide the most durable and functional products. You want to ensure that you get a good price while still receiving a quality product.

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