Wet Dry Industrial Vacuum

A wet dry industrial vacuum will allow you to pick up both dry and liquid spills and other debris. Those that are industrial strength are capable of handling a number of spills including chemicals and other toxins without worries of releasing the contents back into the air. Industrial vacuums come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and capabilities today with a number of additional features depending on the specific model that you choose. Whether you are purchasing the vacuum for home or business use, they provide many advantages over traditional home vacuums.


A wet dry industrial vacuum, depending on the specific size that you use, can hold up to 100 liters or more of liquid or dry debris. Many also feature attachments that will allow you to use the vacuum as a carpet shampooer. This gives you the added advantage of having an additional tool in your cleaning arsenal. You can purchase these vacuums in smaller more portable models that are good for taking to various different businesses, an excellent idea if you are planning to start up a cleaning business. Alternatively, they come in larger sizes as well which can still be moved from area to area but have much more storage capacity for larger spills.

Cleaning with an Industrial Wet Dry Vacuum

Your wet dry industrial vacuum will allow you to clean a number of surfaces easily. They are widely used today in offices, warehouses and other buildings as well as many homes because of their durability and their storage capacity for debris, dirt and liquid spills. The shop vac is a very popular choice among many home and business owners. While they were originally designed to provide an easier cleaning capability in various shops and on construction sites, they are used today in a number of residential and professional buildings and other areas. Many airplanes use them as well for cleaning up various spills. Wet dry industrial vacuums allow you to clean wet spills as well as dry debris, which makes them the perfect choice for many industrial sites.

Models Available

There are, again, many different sizes, styles and models available for your wet dry industrial vacuum. From those that can be carried easily to the larger models, there are literally models available for every home and business need. Newer models may be equipped with filters that will prevent dust, dirt and other debris from blowing around when you vacuum. Plastic drums on some models prevent rust when used to clean wet messes and many models may be equipped with a HEPA filter. The cost will of course depend on where you purchase the vacuum as well as the specific brand name that you buy and the size and features of the vacuum. Take your time and look around for the model that best suits your needs. The internet offers an excellent starting point when searching for a wet dry industrial vacuum and gives you the ability to compare prices to ensure that you get the lowest rate.

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